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GLITTERPUNK is a multi-genre, multi-media, collaborative arts project by Sofie Vlaad and Steph Elms. The project brings together experimental poetry, abstract art, and curated music to explore trans subjectivity, the intersection of radical feminism and trans politics, and psychedelic forms of (trans)gender liberation. It currently exists as both a manuscript entitled "GLITTERPUNK: The Legend of Cordelia Star" (currently being revised for resubmission), and as a performance piece entitled GLITTERPUNK (REMIX) (last performed at PhiloSOPHIA 2024).

Check here for updates!

"GLITTERPUNK: The Legend of Cordelia Star" follows our young protagonist and framing device Starla, as she DJs her last hyperpop set before retiring. The universe has other plans for our sarcastic transsexual teen, however, as Starla takes what she think is LSD she is visited by the Greek Seer Tiresias, goes to the underworld, meets her hero SOPHIE, witnesses the birth of the universe, and learns the secrets of GLITTERWORLD. Told in the style of an epic, "GLITTERPUNK: The Legend of Cordelia Star" smashes together poetry, collage, paintings, and music to produce something totally glitter, and totally punk.


GLITTERPUNK (REMIX), PhiloSOPHIA 2024, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, performed by Sofie Vlaad and Steph Elms (5 minute Excerpt).

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